Intensive Cleaning Services

Breathe the difference of a healthy clean space!

What We Do

Provide professional cleaning solutions to households, commercial establishments, and offices with over a decade of expertise and trusted by over 100,000 clients in Metro Manila. We apply a meticulous Japanese-standard of cleaning and housekeeping training to all our staff.
EZY Lifestyle cleaning service quality
Service Quality

Providing cleaning services to make life easier—convenient, valuable, and worth every peso—so you could focus on more important things.

EZY Lifestyle cleaning service professionalism

Ensuring every staff’s rigorous training and delivery of meticulous Japanese cleaning and housekeeping skills—respectful, speedy, and thorough.

EZY Lifestyle cleaning service improved lifestyle
Improved Lifestyle

Elevating your comfort with a safe healthy space through a service you can be confident in for your peace of mind—look, smell, and feel clean.

Our Services

We practice "Osoji" or the Japanese-standard of top-to-bottom cleaning. We do extensive work in housekeeping, sanitation, and other professional cleaning services you may need at home or at the office.
Home Cleaning
Intensive Cleaning

Meticulous ceiling to floor and all-corner cleaning ideally done periodically to remove dust, mites, molds, and other volatile organic compounds accumulated in homes, offices, and businesses over a considerable period.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Thorough cleaning and extracting of dust and debris as well as removing dirt and marks on walls and polishing of floors through corners and edges to end up with a presentable and ready-to-use home, office, or business space.

Aircon Cleaning

Overall inspection of the AC unit; Coolant level check in air conditioner; AC condenser and evaporator coil cleaning; Drain cleaning and leakage check; Air filter and fin cleaning; Outdoor AC condenser and evaporator fan cleaning.

Housekeeping Service

Housekeepers do house chores (mostly cleaning) inside the house (condo) according to customers’ offers, housekeepers talk to clients and follow the directions within the scope of service.


Getting deep in your sofa, mattress, carpet, and other upholstery by scrubbing with suds, siphoning water out, steaming, and drying to remove odors, stains, and other invisible contaminants within the fabric or foam.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Regular emptying and disposing of waste with a pumping system, scrubbing of the container surface, and flushing out all remaining liquid to remove foul odor, prevent clogging, and blocking of sewer lines.


Make the most out of your cleaning service with these add-ons: floor polishing, grout cleaning, outdoor cleaning, fridge cleaning, aircon cleaning, and pest control.

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