Housekeeping Service

Housekeepers do house chores (mostly cleaning) inside the house (condo) according to customers’ offers, housekeepers talk to clients and follow the directions within the scope of service.

The scope of service can vary depending on the selected duration, capability of housekeeper, equipment available, and needs of the customer:

General Services

Vacuuming, dusting, wiping and general tidying of rooms (living room, bedroom, toilet bathroom, kitchen and other indoor areas), disposing of garbage bag and changing customers garbage bag.

  • Vacuuming of carpets and under beds are possible without furniture/without moving furniture.

Other services (if time is available)

Washing and drying clothes in the washing machine, drying and taking in clothes, folding, ironing, washing dishes, cleaning in the refrigerator, changing bed sheets, cleaning balcony.

  • Service is provided by booking time bases.
  • Please indicate tasks and priority of them, maid will start the task from higher priority so as to finish the important tasks shall be finished by the booking time.
  • Please talk to maid about what you want to do within Scope of Service and what you don’t want to do, also please advise her not to touch or close the place where you don’t want her to do anything.
  • Basic tools will be brought by maids, but customer’s tools and detergents can be used too.
Call or SMS to book:

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+63 969-489-2300

Or book online:

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